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BRCC Hours: M-F 5:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M.
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Buck Run Community Center

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Welcome to the FSRC Sports Home Page. Here you will find information on all the Sporting events that are coordinated on a seasonal basis.


Commission Members

Sports Programs Offered:
Spring / Summer

Baseball Slow Pitch Softball
Softball Fast Pitch Softball

Fall / Winter

Basketball Basketball
Football Racquetball
Volleyball Kickball
Soccer Volleyball
Track Wallyball


Youth Baseball/Softball
Registration Information

Fees for all youth Baseball/Softball Leagues for


Tot T-Ball $10.00
Boys & Girls T-Ball $10.00
Pee Wee Baseball $15.00
Little Hitters Softball $15.00
Pigtail Softball $25.00

Ponytail Softball



Cal Ripken Minor Baseball $25.00
Cal Ripken Major Baseball $25.00
Junior Babe Ruth Baseball $35.00

Registration Deadline is Friday, March 31, 2023

After deadline, a $10. late fee will be assessed to your registration fee until the coaches meeting. After coaches meeting, NO REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!!!







Tammy Hill, Chairperson
Stewart Gulager, Vice Chairperson
Susan Marbery ~~ Mike Chipman ~~ Adam Lancaster

Professional Staff

Tom Robertson, Director
Dave Fly, Recreation Supervisor
Amie Ratcliff, Office Manager


Recreation Commission Board Meetings

The public is invited to attend the Fort Scott Recreation Commission Board Meetings on the first Wednesday of each month. An agenda is available to review on the Friday prior to the board meeting. The meeting begins at 12:00 noon and is held at the Buck Run Community Center.


Register early for Programs

For successful programs, it is critical for participants to sign up by the deadline! Classes may be cancelled if there are not enough registrants. The decision must be made by the deadline so participants may be notified.


Fee Assistance and Scholarships

Everyone should enjoy recreation programs! Based on the needs of the individual or family size, collected from information that you will provide, scholarships may be available. Just ask for a network for families form!


Refund Policy

Our policy is to provide customer satisfaction and to refund payment for services which do not meet customer's expectations. If by the second program day, you are not happy with a program or you have time conflicts, a refund will be issued.


Photo Policy

During many of our programs, FSRC staff may take photos of participants. Please be aware that these photos are for future promotional avenues such as the website or seasonal brochures. If you do not want your photos displayed, please tell staff at the time of the photo or call 223-0386.


Late Fees for Youth Sports

The Fort Scott Recreation Commission will be assessing a $10.00 late fee on all youth sports registrations that are turned in after the registration deadline! An additional $10.00 will be charged after the coaches meeting is held.


Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather and program cancellations, listen to KOMB FM (103.9), visit our website at or call 620-223-0386. Managers will be notified by Recreation Staff if league games have been cancelled.


FSRC - Fort Scott Recreation Commission

Recreation Scholarship Program


Parents will be asked to fill out a form that is required for each applicant, providing personal information, reason for scholarship request with a parent/guardian signature. Please ask about this program as the FSRC staff and the sponsoring agencies would like to assist the ones in need, allowing everyone the opportunity to participate in recreation programs. Recreation Scholarship Request forms can be obtained at the BRCC office. Call 620-223-0386 for additional information.

2023 Youth League Tournaments


Youth Tournaments will be held for the following leagues after their league season is played:


Teams will be seeded based on final league standings.


Girl’s Pigtail League - ages 9 & 10 years

Girl’s Ponytail League - ages 11 – 13 years

Boy's Cal Ripken Minor -ages 9 & 10 years

Boy's Cal Ripken Major - ages 11 & 12 years